Partnership Helps Keep Old Carpet Out of Landfills

St. Louis, MO - In an effort to bring innovative new technology, products, and programs to the contract carpet market, Solutia Inc. is expanding its "Partners for Renewal" program to formally recognize and work with companies, like Nylon Board Manufacturing of Medford, Minnesota, that are leaders in the area of carpet sustainability.

Nylon Board Manufacturing has agreed to accept post consumer carpet from Solutia's customers and recycle it into synthetic construction sheet materials. "Nylon Board Manufacturing is committed to the use of recycled materials in our composite products. It is the vision of companies like Solutia and Nylon Board Manufacturing to bring innovative new products to the market, extracting additional value from the original barrel of oil used to produce them. It is the right thing to do for the environment," said James O'Blennis, general manager for Nylon Board Manufacturing.

"The strategy of our program is to promote collaboration and the entrepreneurial spirit to solve these challenging problems of landfill diversion," stated Robert Peoples, Ph.D, director of carpet sustainability and business development. "We are looking for new process and product technology to help accomplish our objectives. We believe it is essential to facilitate the efforts of entrepreneurs committed to this objective by lending the credibility and resources of Solutia.