Pennsylvania Starts 2003 Grant Cycle for Waste Tire Program

Harrisburg, PA - The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has available $250,000 of grant funding through Act 111 of 2002, which amended the Waste Tire Recycling and Small Business and Household Pollution Prevention Program Act of 1996 (Act 190) for fiscal year 2002/2003 for the operation of waste tire collection programs in Pennsylvania. The grants are limited only to counties, local municipalities and non-profit organizations that sponsor waste tire collection programs.

Only Department approved sponsors are eligible to receive reimbursement for eligible costs associated with a tire collection grant, a sponsor:

1) must not have contributed, in any manner, to the creation of a non-compliant waste tire pile;
2) must complete a Waste Tire Collection Application for Registration and receive approval from the Department to conduct the collection;
3) must conduct a waste tire collection program within the guidelines established by the Department and set forth in the Waste Tire Collection Program Application Instructions, and
4) must submit a Waste Tire Collection Program Application for Reimbursement detailing eligible collection, transportation, management and education costs.

Grant funds are intended for activities directly related to the collection of waste tires, including collection, transportation, and management costs as well as contractor mobilization and demobilization fees and associated educational program and advertising costs. Grants may not be used for the purchase of equipment or the remediation of waste tire piles.

Grant recipients shall receive reimbursement only for those activities approved by the Department. No more than 12 tires per participant may be brought to a collection.

All applicants must complete and submit Waste Tire Collection Program Application for Registration. The Application for Registration contains all the materials and instructions necessary for register a waste tire collection program.

Copies of these documents are available by contacting the Division of Waste Minimization and Planning at 717-787-7382.