March 2005

Gas Purification Technology completes performance verification process

Research Triangle Park, NC— The Greenhouse Gas Technology Center (GHG Center) declared that it has independently verified the performance of the THIOPAQ® gas purification system, developed by Paques® of the Netherlands for processing renewable biogas and sour gas. The technology is distributed under license by National Tank Company. The system allows for regeneration and recycling of caustic solution and the production of elemental sulfur for potential subsequent sale or use. A variation of this technology is Shell Global Solution and Paques’ Shell-Paques® system, which operates on the same principles as THIOPAQ, but includes system components that can process low-, medium-, and high-pressure natural gas to treat sour gas and Claus tail gas.

This performance verification was conducted on a THIOPAQ system installed and operating at a Midwestern U.S. water pollution control facility that handles large volumes of industrial and municipal waste. Test results show that the system removed 99.8% of the H2S from the raw biogas, emitted very low levels of H2S from the bioreactor, and produced minimal liquid and solid waste discharges. A synopsis and final performance evaluation report can be accessed on the U.S. EPA ETV website:

“While this technology uses traditional caustic scrubbing techniques to remove H2S from biogas, the innovative bioreactor component of THIOPAQ technology results in significant operational and environmental benefits,” said Tim Hansen, deputy director of the GHG Center at Southern Research Institute. “The system’s aerobic bioreactor allows for regeneration of a large portion of the caustic solution after gas processing, which eliminates a large liquid waste stream and at the same time produces a potentially useful product as elemental sulfur.”

“When equipment suppliers offer new technologies to their clients, this third party verification proves the credibility of the data,” said Robert Curcio, senior vice president of product development for the NATCO Group. “The ETV verification, supported by the EPA, assures users that the technology offered will help them in meeting their environmental goals.”

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