March 2005

Leachate and cleanup sites benefit from piston pumping equipment

Ann Arbor, MI— QED Environmental Systems, Inc., a leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative groundwater monitoring and environmental remediation equipment, announced the introduction of its new Iron Horse™ lineup of air-driven piston pumps for landfill leachate, methane condensate, and groundwater cleanup pumping. Iron Horse pumps are the first piston pumps engineered for extreme durability, low maintenance, and safety in the challenging conditions found at landfills and environmental cleanup project sites.

Piston pumps are seen as the most effective technology for a number of applications. These include pumping systems requiring very low drawdown (to reduce leachate pressure on landfill liners, for example); liquid collection setups employing slanted or horizontal risers; and sites where air-to-liquid contact is forbidden (to prevent odors or hazardous emissions from escaping out of the wells). In addition, air-driven pumps offer intrinsic safety advantages over electrically-powered systems.

Iron Horse pumps incorporate a number of design advantages over previously available piston pumps. The wellhead assembly, which provides reciprocating power to drive the piston, is fully enclosed for safety and protection of both on-site personnel and the pump components. The downwell pumping mechanism uses an oversize, all-stainless steel piston manufactured to close tolerances that require no seals, eliminating the most frequent cause of pump breakdowns. This dramatically reduces pump maintenance, preventing the need for frequent pulling of the entire drive rod and piston assembly from the well. In addition to uninterrupted performance, this extended pump duty capability produces major savings on labor and repair parts and limits the exposure of service personnel to hazardous leachate or contaminated ground water.

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