March 2006

Cycle Chem, Inc. ordered to spend more than half a million in upgrades

Trenton, NJ— Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Acting Commissioner Lisa P. Jackson announced that Cycle Chem, Inc. has agreed to spend more than half a million dollars to correct hazardous waste violations and upgrade equipment at their facility in Elizabeth. The company will also pay the state of New Jersey $90,000 in penalties.

Cycle Chem created a threat to public health and the environment by failing to maintain a working fire suppression system and storing waste unlawfully,” said Acting Commissioner Jackson.

Cycle Chem operates a hazardous waste facility in Elizabeth. From 2000 to 2005, DEP cited Cycle Chem for numerous violations of state environmental laws including operating the facility without an adequate fire suppression system. The DEP also determined during this time that Cycle Chem unlawfully maintained open containers, failed to inspect and date containers, stored certain waste for too long and stored ignitable waste too close to the facility’s property line.

In addition, the DEP ordered the facility to make improvements to their hazardous waste treatment areas to ensure waste mixing and consolidation activities are conducted in chambers that have appropriate groundwater protections and are enclosed to prevent air releases.

DEP issued multiple penalty actions for the ongoing violations resulting in Cycle Chem requesting an administrative hearing. In a January settlement agreement between Cycle Chem and DEP, the facility agreed to upgrade their fire suppression system in accordance with recommendations from the State Fire Marshall, correct ongoing violations at the site and reconstruct various hazardous waste treatment areas to make them environmentally safe. The agreement establishes a time schedule for each violation, but requires that all the upgrades and improvements be completed in no less than 180 days upon DEP’s approval of the required engineering designs.


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