March 2006

Florida County reduces school bus emissions
Buses will prevent 2.5 tons of pollution from contaminating the air

Sanford, FL— Through a partnership with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Seminole County dedicated nine school buses with newly installed pollution controls that will significantly reduce air emissions. Seminole County School Board outfitted the buses with pollution control devices that will eliminate more than 2.5 tons of air pollution during the remaining life of the buses.

The County retrofitted the school buses with catalysts and ventilators that will significantly reduce particulate matter and other pollutants by changing them into water vapor and carbon dioxide. The pollution control devices will reduce particulate matter by up to 50 percent, hydrocarbon emissions by more than 70 percent and carbon monoxide emissions by more than 85 percent.

Installing the pollution control devices cost approximately $1,300 per bus, with funding provided by DEP’s Central District office. In addition to the emission controls on the buses, Seminole County established an idling reduction program that further reduces emissions throughout its entire fleet. Reducing unnecessary idling can improve air quality, save fuel and reduce excess engine wear.


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