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March 2007
N-Viro discusses acquisition 

N-Viro International Corp. (NVIC) announced additional details regarding its acquisition of Headwaters Inc.'s ownership interest in Florida N-Viro L.P., which owns a municipal biosolids processing plant located in Volusia County, Florida. The plant has been jointly owned by NVIC and Pennsylvania-based VFL Technology Corporation (VFL), a subsidiary of Headwaters, since 1995. The plant currently processes biosolids for Daytona Beach and 5 other municipalities within a 100 mile radius, including the City of Altamonte Springs, the City of Englewood, Seminole County, St. Johns County and Volusia County.

The Daytona/Volusia County plant began as a lime sterilization facility. Processing problems, product distribution problems and higher than anticipated costs for lime sterilization encouraged the City of Daytona Beach to seek alternative processing methods. Florida N-Viro responded by offering a unique approach to convert the existing lime sterilization facility operated by the County into a N-Viro Exceptional Quality Standards Facility (EQS), one of approximately 30 facilities currently operating across the United States.

At its current rate of operation, this single facility annually will convert over 40 million pounds of sludge into N-Viro Soil, which is an environmentally friendly Exceptional Quality Standards (EQS) product used to enhance soils for citrus, sod production and used as an intermediate cover material.

NVIC's partner in the facility, VFL, was acquired by Headwaters in 2004 for $29 million. VFL manages about 2 million tons of coal combustion products (CCP's) annually — or 10% of the 20 million tons of CCP's annually managed by Headwaters. Headwaters manages and markets CCP's including fly ash, which is a reagent used in part to process the biosolids and to create N-Viro Soil at the Volusia County plant. The fly ash is delivered to Volusia County from its Cedar Bay Generating Station in Jacksonville, Florida.

At the Volusia County plant, Headwaters will continue to be the sole source supplier of fly ash or other reagents, as it has been for the past 12 years, which are mixed with municipal biosolids in the patented N-Viro process to create N-Viro Soil. Headwaters has contracted to pay Florida N-Viro between $10 and $12 per ton for the reagent used in the process. On a weekly basis, the Volusia plant cleans and processes close to 500 tons for the municipalities, which might otherwise have been destined for the landfills.

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