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Municipal solid waste may soon fuel vehicles

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Coskata research scientists advance Coskata's proprietary microorganism to make additional ethanol in their Warrenville, Illinois pilot facility.

In the expanding race to provide alternative forms of energy, ethanol derived from municipal solid waste may soon provide yet another feedstock to power vehicles.

Masada Resource Group LLC hopes to start construction on a production facility near Middleton, New York this year to convert municipal solid waste (MSW) into ethanol. Masada is competing with other producers to finish the first commercial-scale MSW-to-ethanol plant in the United States.

The Birmingham, Alabama-based firm has received all the necessary permits for the site, said Timothy Judge, vice president of external relations and operations at Masada.

Masada has developed a patented process that converts, recycles or reuses 90 percent of the incoming waste stream from municipalities and waste haulers. To help lower the cost of the MSW-derived ethanol, the operation will utilize fees generated from waste disposal. more




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