MARCH 2008

Allied-Gator expands with new facility

Allied Gator’s new facility will be 469,000 square feet in size.

Hydraulic attachment manufacturer, Allied-Gator, Inc. will be increasing its production capabilities with the completion of the manufacturing facility expansion located just behind Allied-Gator’s corporate headquarters in Youngstown, Ohio.

The new facility, spanning nearly 11 acres under roof, will host new, state-of-the-art machining, measuring and inspection equipment to provide optimal conditions for Allied-Gator’s goal of uninterrupted manufacturing.

Allied-Gator’s new facility will feature a total of 22 overhead cranes ranging in capacity from 10 to 120 tons, the largest of which will span 130’ with a 336’ runway and a maximum rail height of 47’. In addition, year-round geothermal climate regulation will heat and cool the entire complex.

“Area A,” scheduled to begin its occupancy in May 2008, will host warehouse, assembly, machining and heavy machining bays, while “Area B,” targeted for move-in by the end of 2008, will house fabrication/heavy fabrication, plate burning, detailing and heavy equipment modification bays.