MARCH 2008

American Titanium to build new facility

American Titanium Works LLC (ATW), headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, announced its intent to build a new integrated titanium manufacturing facility.

Under one roof, manufacturing activities will include a solids and machine turnings scrap processing operation, raw material preparation and blending equipment, plasma arc melting (PAM) and vacuum arc melting (VAR) furnaces and a four-high rolling mill designed and purpose built for rolling of alloyed and commercially pure titanium plate. A wide range of titanium conditioning and finishing equipment will be on-site to ensure quality and reduce lead times.

The facility will incorporate proprietary technologies and innovations enabling ATW to convert a wide variety of inputs into alloyed and commercially pure ingots, rounds and slabs of various sizes.

At full capacity,­ the facility expects to employ more than 250 people, with the potential for further facility expansion.