MARCH 2008

Casella to install on-board oil refining system on vehicles

Casella Waste Systems, Inc. announced that it is planning to install an on board oil refining technology on over 800 of its vehicles that is expected to significantly extend the interval between oil changes and filter replacements. Casella estimates the move will reduce its usage of oil lubricants by 28% per year, and is part of the company’s efforts to reduce its overall environmental impact.

“Every day, we are obligated to look at every aspect of the way we operate our business to find ways to more efficiently use and sustain our resources,” John W. Casella, chairman and chief executive officer of Casella Waste Systems, said. “Simple as it may seem, reducing or eliminating the need for frequent oil changes in our fleet plays an important role in reducing our environmental impact as well as our use of and dependence on refined petroleum products.”

The company said that the program will be implemented through an agreement with Oil Purification Systems, Inc. (OPS) to outfit nearly 800 trucks in its fleet with the environmentally sustainable OPS-1™ on-board oil refining system, thereby reducing its usage of oil lubricants by 45,000 gallons per year.

As part of Casella’s cost reduction programs, the company expects that installing the OPS-1 on-board oil refining system will significantly extend the time between oil changes for its fleet, reducing oil and maintenance costs by roughly $600 per year for each vehicle or $500,000 annually for the full program. Casella expects to have the OPS-1 system installed on all selected vehicles by May 2008.