MARCH 2008

Georgia-Pacific invests $50 million in recycling system

Georgia-Pacific is investing $50 million for a new paper recycling system that will retain high-paying, high-quality jobs in its Green Bay, Wisconsin plant and greatly improve energy efficiency.

The technology in Georgia-Pacific’s new recycling system will reduce water use by up to one million gallons per day and greatly improve the Broadway mill’s energy efficiency system. The Green Bay mill draws in, filters and discharges about 13 million gallons of water a day, mainly from the Fox River.

Georgia-Pacific will no longer use the chemical hypochlorite in their bleaching process which will be better for the environment.

The company will retain over 160 jobs related to fiber processing in the Green Bay area and contract over 100 full-time jobs through local companies.

Its Broadway mill in Green Bay uses approximately 475,000 tons of recycled wastepaper a year to make brand name products.