MARCH 2008

Group recycles vehicles in France
Their target is effective recovery of 95% of all vehicles by 2015

For the first time on a global scale, three companies, Renault, Sita and Indra, are pooling their respective expertise and resources to ensure the success, from both the economical and environmental viewpoints, of a sector which is currently undergoing extensive changes.

Development of the joint venture is expected to lead to a largely self-financed investment of 100 million, over a period of five years.

Renault and Sita France are forming an equally-owned joint venture aimed at speeding up the development of end of life vehicle (ELV) treatment in France.

This joint venture will take control of Indra Investissement, SAS, which has been active in the dismantling of vehicles for more than 20 years. Indra’s network comprises some 200 certified vehicle dismantling business throughout France.

Renault has designed its cars to be easily dismantled and recovered at the end of their useful life and sees this venture as an affirmation of the Company’s commitment.

The joint venture targets 95 percent recovery by 2015, as ecologically and economically as possible. The three companies share the same will to improve rates of re-use through existing methods and processes now being investigated, notably in the field of recycling materials recovered from end-of-life vehicles. The current trend towards higher raw material prices has encouraged this effort. The bid to achieve the announced targets by 2015 needs to begin immediately and will call for increased cooperation between all parties concerned, both within the sector and within the automobile industry.