MARCH 2008

Imaging Office Systems and Kodak expand microfilm recycling services

In response to growing customer concern and increased inquiries regarding environmentally friendly disposal of plastic packaging components, Imaging Office Systems (IOS) and Eastman Kodak Company are expanding the scope of IOS’s microfilm preservation program to collecting recyclable microfilm and microfilm storage and packaging materials from qualified customers.

The return program will provide a way to prevent these items from ending up in the landfill.

The program involves the collection of plastic cores, reels, black or silver film bags, flip top boxes, silver and acetate microfilm and microfiche and other items used in the packaging of microfilm products.

The service is available at no charge to any IOS customer plus any company or governmental agency headquartered in Whitley County, Indiana, where IOS’ corporate headquarters is located.

To become part of this program, a company or agency must:

1.Notify IOS of its intention to recycle by calling the nearest IOS office.

2.Confirm with IOS that it qualifies for the Kodak sponsored program.

3.Confirm an appointment time to drop off approved items to be recycled.

4.Transport all recyclable items to the nearest IOS facility.

Following are IOS Regional Recycling Centers and telephone numbers:

  • Columbia City, Indiana
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
    (317) 254-9545
  • Schaumburg, Illinois
    (847) 519-2100
  • Wichita, Kansas
    (316) 630-0440