MARCH 2008

Samsung offers Canadian recycling program
The program runs on a zero landfill policy

Samsung Electronics has announced a new recycling program in Canada. The Samsung Take Back and Recycling (STAR) Program, is a free service designed to help manage ink cartridge waste.

Supported by Canada Post, Samsung now offers free returns and recycling of empty Samsung-branded toner cartridges for its line of laser and multi-function printers.

“A founding principle of the STAR program is that it operates on a Zero Landfill policy – 100% of the cartridge and related materials returned under this program are recycled and reused,” said Ronald Hulse, vice president sales and marketing, IT Division, Samsung Electronics Canada.

The advanced, environmentally conscious STAR program safely reprocesses returned cartridges into their major usable component materials, such as plastic and metals, and then makes those bulk reprocessed materials available to the market for re-use in new manufacturing for a range of other products. The STAR program offers a simple, no-cost option for customers returning their empty Samsung toner cartridges.

For more information about the Samsung STAR Program, visit their website at