MARCH 2008

Yuba Sutter Disposal preserves habitat

Yuba Sutter Disposal, Inc. and the Ostrom Road Landfill announced its alliance with Wildlands, Inc. to preserve and enhance over 200 acres adjacent to the Ostrom Road Landfill in southern Yuba County.

The preserve, known as the Best Slough Mitigation Bank, will be the first vernal pool restoration/creation bank in Yuba County. Historic vernal pools will be restored and permanently preserved as habitat for endangered and threatened species.

Long term management of the restored habitats will be accomplished using traditional cattle grazing and other land management tools that are the backbone of Yuba County’s agricultural community.

“Our commitment to the environment goes beyond trash collection, recycling and disposal,” says Yuba-Sutter Disposal Inc.’s general manager Dave Vaughn. “We seek to maximize the ecological value of our land holdings whenever possible.” The alliance with Wildlands, Inc. represents the culmination of over five years of study to preserve and protect buffer lands surrounding the landfill-including Best Slough.

A vernal pool wetland in northern California houses many species.

With habitat construction set to begin in spring 2008, the preserve’s first goal is to meet the vernal pool creation needs of the Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority for levee repair and construction work also scheduled for this year.

Wildlands will be responsible for design, construction management and long-term stewardship of the preserve. Active agriculture will remain the predominant management tool of the preserve.