MARCH 2009

Cox partners with Redemtech

Cox Enterprises announced an eCycling partnership with Redemtech. The program will enhance Cox’s environmentally-responsible disposal of electronic waste (e-waste), while also providing secure treatment of customer and company data.

To promote the program, Cox held an Employee eCycle Collection Day at six Atlanta locations. Cox employees brought more than 7 tons – 14,343 pounds – of used home electronics to the events so Redemtech could ensure it was donated to charity, resold into secondary markets or properly recycled. Proceeds from the resale of equipment will be used to fund additional collection events and technology donation initiatives.

Once fully implemented across all Cox business units, the eCycling program is projected to divert more than 1.8 million pounds of e-waste from landfills each year. According to EPA Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator computations, the program will conserve enough energy to power 3,500 households per year and achieve greenhouse gas reductions equivalent to removing nearly 2,500 passenger cars from the road for a year.

Redemtech will serve as the exclusive partner managing a comprehensive asset recovery program across Cox Enterprises and its subsidiaries.