MARCH 2009

ISRI provides internet-based system for scrap recyclers and law enforcement
Alerts law enforcement about stolen materials

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) has introduced the newest tool in the recycling industry’s effort to fight material theft. is a new internet-based theft alert system that will allow law enforcement to alert recyclers of reported stolen material and allow recyclers to alert area law enforcement when they have received materials they believe might have been stolen.

ISRI provides the alert site free to law enforcement and to recyclers regardless of ISRI membership   status. represents another significant improvement in theft reporting procedures that have been available through ISRI for more than two decades. The original system, known as FaxNet, allowed ISRI to notify recyclers in the immediate area of a theft via fax. ISRI’s Theft Alert system, developed in 2006 moved the service from fax to email and sent alerts to a far broader audience that included all recyclers on ISRI’s contact list in the state where the theft occurred and to all surrounding states.

“The ISRI Theft Alert system worked well early on,” said Chuck Carr, ISRI Vice President for Member Services, “but we noticed two major drawbacks that needed to be addressed. First, using a statewide, multi-state reporting system was not an efficient means of distributing reports, and second, the volume of reports requiring action by ISRI staff was significantly slowing down the alerts.” is faster and easier than any previous reporting program. Once a potential user completes registering for the system, law enforcement (and certain corporate security personnel) will be able to post alerts immediately, without the delay caused by intervention/review by ISRI staff. The system even accepts up to 4 photographs (limited to 2 MB in size) of the stolen material. The system sends reports to all contacts located within approximately 250 miles of the theft location.

While preapproved law enforcement personnel can submit alerts without intervention by ISRI staff, other individuals can submit alerts for potential broadcast upon review by ISRI staff. is available free of charge to law enforcement and to recyclers regardless of ISRI membership status.

Any recyclers wishing to receive theft alerts in their area can simply register with the site with their name, address, and email information.

ISRI members who were already receiving theft alerts under the old system have been preregistered to receive the reports.

The system has been well received by law enforcement. Many agencies are now contacting non-ISRI recyclers in their area encouraging them to register to receive the reports.

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