MARCH 2009

Republic scales back expansion for Ohio landfill

Apex Environmental, LLC, has submitted a significantly revised application to Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its proposed landfill expansion in Jefferson County. The revised application reduces the scope of the expansion request for Apex Sanitary Landfill, located one mile north of State Route 646 in Amsterdam.

The new application includes the following changes:

  • Reduced daily waste receipts request – Apex is now requesting an increase from 5,250 tons per day to 7,500 tons per day.
  • Reduced vertical expansion for Northern Slope of landfill – Apex has proposed to alter its engineering plans to keep the existing 4-to-1 grade in place on the northern slope of the landfill. This means that the buried waste under 12 acres of the northern slope would not receive any new waste and would not need to be uncovered. Apex is still asking to vertically expand the landfill by 75 feet by changing the other three sides of the landfill to 3-to-1 grades for both existing and yet-to-be constructed areas of the landfill.
  • Commitment to install odor control measures – Apex has provided additional information on what measures it plans to employ in order to control odors at the landfill. The company has proposed an odor management plan that includes controlling odors from the active disposal operations and installation of the landfill gas collection and control system. This system will work to capture migratory gas that may contribute to any odors.

The company’s original application requested permission to increase its authorized maximum daily waste receipts from 5,250 tons per day to 10,000 tons per day. Apex also had requested permission to increase the height of the landfill by 75 feet by increasing the steepness of the slopes. Ohio EPA held a public information session on November 13, 2008, regarding Apex’s original application.

Ohio EPA is currently reviewing the technical aspects of Apex’s newly submitted application. If the application meets all requirements, Ohio EPA will issue Apex a draft permit-to-install and will hold another information session and public hearing.