MARCH 2010

Wirtgen China will help to cut demolition waste on-site

Germany-based Wirtgen Group will introduce on-site recycling technology developed by its Kleemann GmbH subsidiary when it will be introduced in China at Bauma China in Shanghai, in November 2010.

Kleemann GmbH recycling plants take demolition waste, demolished concrete and spoil and convert it into high-quality aggregate for the construction industry. By recycling demolition waste on-site, the process can dramatically reduce the amount of energy and CO2 emissions required in hauling material away from a demolition site. Demolition waste can be used as aggregate for the next building project on that site and will reduce material costs and the need to extract fresh aggregate by quarrying.

The core of the process is an impact crusher which is fed with demolition material that has been screened for size with particles larger than 60mm grain size, fed into the crusher while smaller particles are put aside for further processing. The crushed aggregate is then sorted and separated by size and is then cleaned from light materials. Recovered ferrous metals are then removed by electromagnets and are recycled.

The recycled aggregate product is upgraded with natural sand and cement to a useful, hydraulically-bound base layer.