MARCH 2010

N-Viro submits permit application for pilot facility in Pennsylvania

N-Viro International Corporation (N-Viro), an environmental and materials operating company, has submitted permit applications with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, for a pilot facility capable of producing an appropriate amount of N-Viro Fuel to carry out necessary testing at various power generators.

Once approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, N-Viro intends to be in production of the N-Viro Fuel product and conduct other scheduled test burn demonstrations. These tests will require the utilization of local supplies of biosolids from municipal wastewater treatment facilities. The Company expects to receive permit approval and begin production during the first half of this year.

The portable pilot facility will be capable of demonstrating a full-scale production of N-Viro Fuel. The Company expects to make use of this pilot for several test burn applications where N-Viro Fuel can be blended with coal, waste coal and even biomass types of fuel. Additionally, this plant will further validate the N-Viro Fuel technology and provide valuable analytical data for future and developing projects.