MARCH 2010

EPA begins cleanup of illegal dump sites as part of I-RID

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) director Doug Scott announced that the Agency has begun the cleanup of two illegal dump sites located within Peoria County, one of which is in Hollis Township and the other in Radnor Township.

A contractor worked to remove up to 30 cubic yards of waste from the Hollis Township site and up to 20 cubic yards of waste from the Radnor Township site. The cleanup will involve the removal of general construction or demolition debris, household waste, white goods, furniture and waste tires, which have been disposed of illegally.

The cleanup was conducted as part of the I-RID (Illinois Removes Illegal Dumps) Program, which continues to remove environmental hazards and protect Illinois’ beautiful landscape.

Working with local and county officials to identify candidates for I-RID cleanups, Illinois EPA has cleaned up sites ranging from the tip of Southern Illinois near Cave-in-Rock to rural Central and Eastern Illinois and urban locations in the East St. Louis and Chicago metro areas.