MARCH 2011

Heineken uses iconic bottle


Heineken announced the roll-out of a new iconic Heineken bottle, completing the redesign of its global brand packaging range. The restyling aims to streamline the visual identity and make the brand even more consistent and recognizable in all 170 markets worldwide where Heineken can be enjoyed. The new bottle will come in five different volume sizes and will be available in Western Europe at the beginning of 2011 and across the rest of the world by 2012.

The new bottle, replacing the extra long neck and Heineken shortneck packaging, is introduced in two versions: embossed and standard. The new design features a unique curved embossment on the neck and back, which not only looks good, but also adds a pleasing to-the-touch feel, whilst a distinctive embossed mark acts as a stamp of quality and authenticity.

The new packaging visual identity includes updates to key brand elements including an ellipse curve, derived from Heineken’s iconic racetrack logo.