MARCH 2011

Call2Recycle posts record increase of battery recycling

Call2Recycle hit a record-breaking 10.1 percent increase in its overall rechargeable battery collections in 2010. Through its network of more than 30,000 retail, municipal and business partners across the United States and Canada, Call2Recycle collected more than 6.7 million pounds of rechargeable batteries during the year.

In the United States, Call2Recycle’s collection sites in California, Texas and Florida collected the largest amount of rechargeable batteries, with 932,882 pounds, 530,582 pounds and 373,802 pounds, respectively.

In Canada, battery recycling efforts soared by more than 81 percent, due in large part to Call2Recycle’s July 1 expansion in British Columbia and Ontario to include the collection of all household batteries. The broadened collection capabilities were designed to accommodate recycling requirements set forth in new legislation in those provinces.

British Columbia’s total collections increased by nearly 420 percent. In Ontario, battery recycling efforts increased by 59 percent.

Throughout North America, healthcare and public agencies saw a 106 and 32 percent increase in battery recycling respectively. Also in 2010, consumer battery recycling efforts through retailers and communities surged by 17 percent.