MARCH 2011

Missouri cleans up 16 million tires

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ tire dump clean up efforts have resulted in the removal of more than 16 million scrap tires.

Since 1990, when the tire dump clean up effort began, more than 983 sites have been cleaned up, resulting in the removal of more than 16 million scrap tires.

In 2009, 1.75 million tires were used as tire-derived-fuel in power plants and cement kilns. The department is also working with the Missouri Department of Transportation to promote the use of scrap tires in asphalt for Missouri’s roadways.

The Department of Natural Resources has conducted several scrap tire clean up campaigns since 1990, each targeting different size scrap tire sites, beginning with the largest. The most recent, the Tire Dump Roundup Program, began in November 2006. This program does not seek reimbursement for cleanup costs of eligible sites.

To qualify for this program, a site must contain between 500 to 10,000 tires. Active businesses and prior program recipients are not eligible for this program. The department continues to work with Missouri’s solid waste management districts, cities, and counties coordinating tire roundups, and encourages and reimburses nonprofit citizens groups in cleaning up dumpsites that contain fewer than 500 tires.

The Scrap Tire Fee, a $.50 per tire fee charged on every new tire purchased in Missouri, funds the clean ups. The fee will expire on January 1, 2015, unless extended by the legislature.

The department estimates there are more than 231,000 tires remaining to be cleaned up throughout the state in 185 sites. These tires are in known dumps throughout the state, and the department estimates there are 500,000 tires remaining in unknown dumps.