MARCH 2012

Miami-Dade collects 200,000 tons of recyclables

Miami-Dade County’s single-stream curbside residential recycling program hit their second best month ever in December with a total of 5,734 tons of recyclables collected. Overall, the county has now collected a grand total of 200,785 tons of paper, plastic, metal cans, glass and other recyclable materials.

“Thanks to the simplicity of single-stream recycling and the outstanding participation of our residents, we have reached this important milestone in three-and-a-half years, a year faster than we reached it under the old dual-stream recycling program,” said Kathleen Woods-Richardson, director of the Miami-Dade County Public Works and Waste Management Department.

Miami-Dade County first started curbside residential recycling service in 1990 with a dual-stream program, where residents separated materials and placed them into two bins. The county introduced single-stream recycling in late June 2008. The program has helped Miami-Dade set numerous recycling collection records including nearly doubling its annual recycling collection totals and collecting more than 5,780 tons of recyclable materials in December 2009, its best month ever.