MARCH 2012

Element Markets constructs landfill gas to pipeline project in Ohio

Element Markets, LLC, a Houston-based biomethane developer, is constructing a large biomethane project at the APEX Sanitary Landfill in Amsterdam, Ohio. The APEX landfill gas utilization project is expected to produce over 32,000,000 MMBtu of biomethane throughout its operational life, which is sufficient to power over 19,000 homes.

Element Markets was selected to construct the project following a competitive process conducted by Environmental Logistics Services LLC, owner of the APEX Sanitary Landfill, in which some of the country’s largest landfill gas developers participated. The project will utilize landfill gas to produce pipeline quality biomethane and associated environmental commodities to be sold into the power and transportation sectors.

The APEX Sanitary Landfill covers 1,285 acres in Ohio’s rural Jefferson and Harrison Counties. Currently, the landfill is receiving approximately 1,800,000 tons of waste annually, making it one of the fastest growing landfills in the United States.

Element Markets’ in-house development and engineering staff, with decades of experience in landfill gas and gas processing-related projects, will be managing development of the project. The APEX landfill gas utilization project is expected to be operational in 2013.