MARCH 2012

Ford Taxis help meet guidelines

Ford’s role in helping San Francisco become what some call the “Greenest Taxi City in America” is being celebrated as the city’s success in reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Among other things, the law calls for gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced 20 percent by 2012 with 1990 as the baseline year. Today, Ford vehicles account for 67 percent of San Francisco’s green fleet.

Since 2008, San Francisco taxis have reduced gas consumption by 2.9 million gallons per year and lowered greenhouse gas emissions by 35,000 tons annually.

CNG-powered Transit Connect Taxis, for example, are available and soon will hit the streets of San Francisco. CNG-powered Transit Connect Taxis are being used in other parts of the country as well, servicing places such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas and St. Louis.

CNG-powered Transit Connect Taxis aren’t the only options available to replace the outgoing Escape Hybrid. The all-new Fusion Hybrid, for example, provides an anticipated 6 more miles per gallon than the existing Fusion Hybrid.