MARCH 2012

City hires Covanta Energy to generate energy from waste

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has awarded a ­contract to treat all residual and organic waste generated in the borough to Covanta Energy.

The task of the preferred bidder will be to turn approximately 30,000 tons of non-recyclable municipal waste into a fuel to generate “largely renewable” electricity.

Covanta has a contract, according to which 15,000 tons of food and garden waste collected in the borough each year will be treated by its organic waste partner, Agrivert Energy and fertilizer will be produced from the waste.

The company said that the award of this contract is part of its long-term plan to develop a number of waste-to-energy facilities across the UK.

According to the local cabinet the waste management solution will help drive up recycling rates, provide value for money for population and will generate significant levels of sustainable energy, by diverting waste away from landfill and using it as a fuel to generate renewable electricity.

The plan is in four years’ time to zero landfill tax when waste that can’t be recycled is used to generate energy.