MARCH 2012

Schick debuts eco-friendly razor

The new Schick® Xtreme3® Eco™ is the first disposable razor to use 100 percent recycled plastic in the production of its handle and 100 percent post-consumer paper in its packaging. Manufactured and shipped out of the company’s 99.9 percent landfill-free facility in Milford, Connecticut, Schick estimates that they’ll be saving over 103,000 lbs. of virgin plastic material and 15,500 lbs. of virgin paper from going into landfills each year by using recycled materials in the new razor.

The intrigue of Xtreme3 Eco extends beyond its environmental impact to the story of each razor handle’s prior life. In order to have a more immediate impact on the environment, Schick chose to use post-consumer recycled plastic instead of other biodegradable or recycled materials. Among the items retrieved and recreated in the Eco razor handle are common household items like hangers, buckets and pails. Overall, the recycling effort will save enough plastic each year to go up and down the Washington Monument more than 2,330 times.