MARCH 2012

Liberty Tire partners with University of Tennessee

Liberty Tire Recycling, a provider of tire recycling services in North America, is partnering with the University of Tennessee’s Center for Athletic Field Safety on a series of studies to test the potential benefits and role that crumb rubber plays in maintaining a natural grass athletic surface. The company is funding a series of studies over a two-year period to quantify the value proposition that crumb rubber infill offers as an enhancement to natural grass, and how it can potentially improve the quality of the surface and safety for the athletes using it.

“Crumb rubber infill used on athletic surfaces provides a host of benefits. For the athlete, it offers a safer, higher-performing surface. It also lengthens play on the surface, particularly in high-traffic areas of the field,” said Mike Wezel, vice president of sales and marketing for Liberty Tire Recycling.

Initial studies conducted include a simulated foot traffic test to determine the optimal crumb rubber particle size and depth for optimizing field performance, a moisture and temperature test and an assessment of how long the turf season can potentially be extended through the use of crumb rubber.

The use of crumb rubber infill in natural grass surfaces has been proven to maximize shock absorption by creating a softer and safer playing surface for athletes while using less water.