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Microsoft sues E-Waste Harvesters of Phoenix


The Microsoft Corporation, based in Washington, is suing a Phoenix based electronics recycling company, E-Waste Harvesters in federal court, claiming that the company has been selling and distributing unauthorized copies of its software, according to the complaint.

E-Waste Harvesters, Inc. and its owner, Earl Campbell, have been accused of selling refurbished computers that contain illegal copies of Microsoft’s old and outdated Windows XP operating system.

In June 2012, Microsoft warned E-Waste Harvesters that they violated copyright and trademark laws to make copies of Microsoft programs. E-Waste Harvesters were caught distributing an illegal copy of Windows XP in September 2012 (after the warning), according to the complaint.

The case is being heard at the U.S. District Court of Arizona in Phoenix.

Microsoft is asking for damages, injunctive relief and all the profits made off illegal sales of Microsoft products.