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Philadelphia and Veolia Energy complete green steam project

Veolia Energy North America commemorated the completion of the company’s multi-million dollar investment in its Philadelphia district energy network to convert it to 100 percent “Green Steam.” The Green Steam project featured the installation of two new rapid-response boilers and an expansion of Veolia Energy’s natural gas pipeline, which in turn will reduce the city’s carbon footprint, while improving the long-term cost competitiveness of the network, supporting the city’s central business and university city districts.

During a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commission the new boilers and the completion of the pipeline expansion, Veolia Energy officials were joined by the Honorable Michael A. Nutter, along with several other state and local leaders, who reflected on several of the project’s benefits including the significance of the associated greenhouse gas emission reduction. The Green Steam project will further reduce the carbon footprint of Philadelphia by 70,000 metric tons per year.

Veolia Energy has invested capital to upgrade Philadelphia’s district energy infrastructure, which is the third largest district energy system in the United States.

In Philadelphia, Veolia Energy’s district energy network serves more than 500 buildings from three steam production facilities and one chilled water facility. Veolia’s 163 MW cogeneration / combined heat and power facility is an efficient plant that recycles the waste heat from its power generation process into useful thermal energy. The simultaneous production of electric power and steam significantly reduces the resulting air emissions and the total amount of fuel burn that would otherwise be required from the separate production of these two forms of energy.