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Stericycle accused of overcharging

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced a $2.4 million settlement with Stericycle, Inc., for improperly overcharging nearly 1,000 New York government entities, including police and fire departments, rescue squads, schools, jails and hospitals all over the state. Since 2003, Stericycle implemented a plan to charge automated price increases (APIs) without giving any notice to these customers and in violation of the contract terms.

As a result of the Attorney General’s settlement, every impacted government entity will receive a check from Stericycle covering 100 percent of the overcharged amount, over $820,000 in all. In addition, under the agreement, Stericycle will permanently discontinue APIs to the New York government customers covered by the settlement and provide notice and opportunity to opt-out before any future rate increases of any kind.