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Maps detail EPS recycling locations

The EPS Industry Alliance has developed a new resource to assist those seeking to recycle expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging. An interactive Reuse and Recycling map, powered by Google, allows consumers and businesses to locate a facility to dispose of their EPS packaging quickly and simply.

The EPS Reuse and Recycling Map was designed to be intuitive and comprehensive. For easy distinction loose fill drop-off centers are displayed with a red icon and locations that handle other EPS packaging are blue. Locations can be filtered by zip code as well as by the type of EPS packaging the facility handles. With over 1,050 EPS drop-off locations nationwide, users can access recycling information in just one or two clicks.

The EPS Industry Alliance has developed several new tools to help consumers locate EPS collection centers. Loose fill reuse centers have been provided with business card inserts displaying a QR code that will direct them to the EPS Reuse and Recycling Google map. These cards can be easily reproduced and included in packages that contain EPS loose fill. Participating businesses will be clearly labeled as loose fill drop-off locations by a newly designed, eye-catching window sticker.

Locations accepting loose fill packaging reuse the material for their own packaging needs. Locations that recycle other EPS produce new EPS or convert it in to raw materials to produce new products.