$50 Million Renewable Energy Facility to be Built

Castle Rock, CO - Nathaniel Energy Corporation announced that it has signed an agreement with The Cimarron Industrial Park Authority located in Keyes, Oklahoma, acquiring a complex on 190 acres to build a $50 million renewable energy facility.

Part of the project at the facility will be a renewable energy power plant that will create electricity, heat, steam, and by-products.

This project is expected to create several hundred jobs for the community. Lt. Governor Mary Fallin said, "It is a great honor to welcome Nathaniel Energy Corporation to Oklahoma. Nathaniel Energy's investment in our state is sure to have a positive impact on our economy and our environment for years to come."

Nathaniel Energy Corporation is an alternate energy-based technology company, whose Proprietary Patented Technology, the "Thermal Combustor," has been recognized by various governmental agencies, municipalities, and corporations as an environmentally friendly process that cleanly combusts tires into tire-derived fuel (TDF). In addition, Nathaniel Energy's technology allows for the implementation of innovative and profitable ways in handling the conversion of Biomass such as agricultural "energy crops" and waste, wood wastes, municipal waste and plastics, among other solid materials into low-cost renewable energy such as electricity, fuel, chemicals and by-product materials.