ITec Recycling Services Expands Motor Oil Bottle Recycling Program

Oakdale, CA - ITec Recycling Services, a division of ITec Environmental Group, Inc., has recently expanded its motor oil bottle recycling program in California to include one of the top automotive retail chains in the United States, Pep Boys.

Through the California Integrated Waste Management Opportunity Grant Program, the County of San Joaquin has purchased a granulator from ITecRS and placed it in a Pep Boys store in Stockton, California. The granulator will be used to grind all motor oil bottles used by the retail chain in their daily oil change activities. Pep Boys Stores in California are currently certified collection centers for do-it-yourselfers to drop off used motor oil and filters. This allows do-it-yourselfers to have their empty plastic oil containers recycled as opposed to discarded as trash.

Pep Boys' staff is pleased with the volume reduction of trash and the elimination of the dripping oil containers and the mess created by those containers. Pep Boys has operated the granulator for several months at their store and has begun inquiring about expanding the plastic oil container-recycling program to additional locations in their 629-store chain.

San Joaquin County's Solid Waste & Recycling Division is planning on expanding this new recycling program to additional locations in the spring of 2003 as well.

"ITec has been working closely with the California Integrated Waste Management Board for several years on this program and the way that San Joaquin County brought Pep Boys into the program is another important step in making this a very successful recycling program for California and the nation," said Gary DeLaurentiis, ITec President.

The granulator was designed specifically for retail stores and costs $5,300. It is funded through an Opportunity Grant received by San Joaquin County from the State of California. ITecRS also receives $125 to provide collection and transportation for each drum of granulated motor oil bottles. This store generates approximately one full drum of granulated oily plastic (1500 empty quart containers) per month. The Opportunity Grant received by San Joaquin County is also paying for this cost. This amount is expected to increase greatly as more consumers become aware of the program through public outreach programs and advertising.

The motor oil bottle-recycling program in California is being incorporated into Household Hazardous Waste Events, curbside recycling programs and now into retail stores.