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Weyerhaeuser Makes Environmental Progress, Part of National 'XL' Program

Oglethorpe, GA - Weyerhaeuser's Flint River operations continue to make progress in meeting the Environmental Protection Agency's Project XL environmental goals.

Significant progress was reported in such key areas as reductions in water usage and air emission pollutants, and completion of rigorous requirements for the mill's Environmental Management System, which allows it to achieve international environmental and manufacturing certification standards.

Project XL stands for excellence and leadership in the environmental arena. It is designed to provide regulatory flexibility in exchange for superior environmental performance. Weyerhaeuser was the first forest products company to be accepted into the program. The agreement, which began in 1997, is for a fifteen-year term.

"We take pride in our continuing progress toward meeting our XL goals and our environmental leadership in the industry," said Anna Skrobecki, vice president and mill manager of Flint River. "We have completed six of the ten projects in the initial agreement."

"One of our key projects is lowering our mill water usage rate. In 2000 there was an average decrease of 800,000 gallons per day, and in 2001 there was an additional decrease of another 200,000 gallons per day."

"In addition," said Gary Strandburg, environmental manager at the facility, "we are very close to meeting our project goal for energy conservation through our Power Boiler Advanced Controls project, which has improved boiler efficiency. With improved boiler efficiency, we expect lower emissions to the atmosphere."

"We also successfully completed a registration audit and were recommended for certification of our Environmental Management System to ISO 14001, which documents our manufacturing processes and ensures continuous improvement of our environmental performance," said Mr. Strand-burg."This certification, under an internationally recognized standard, will make our product even more acceptable to environmentally conscious customers. We expect our formal letter of certification to be received mid-March."

"We captured most of these benefits through changes in our process without investing capital dollars in the facility," added Ms. Skrobecki. "But most importantly, our Flint River employee force and our company's senior management team are committed to continuing the outstanding environmental progress we've made in the XL Program."

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