Teletrak Environmental Opens Budapest, Hungary Office

Webster, MA - Teletrak Environmental Systems, Inc. reported the opening of its Budapest, Hungary office to manage its central European Landfill Operation. Teletrak Environmental Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of environmental remediation systems, sludge and vacuum pumps is the exclusive European licensee for a proprietary Aerobic Landfill Treatment Process which is believed to reduce the 25-30 year stabilization time for landfills to 3-5 years. Aerobic treatment sites in operation show that methane gas emissions and leachate treatment are significantly reduced or eliminated within 90-180 days.

TAES, in partnership with M&A Management, has introduced the Aerobic Landfill Process to Hungary's Environmental Ministry, the regulatory agencies, and some prominent landfill operators. The Aerobic Landfill Treatment Process is seen by the Hungarian agencies to have the potential to ease Hungary's severe problems with a good number of its more than 2,500 existing landfill sites.