April 2005

United Recyclers Group finds solution for insurance industry

Aurora, CO— United Recyclers Group, LLC (URG) announced the unveiling of their Premium Salvage™ program for the insurance industry to dispose of their total loss vehicles. With close to 300 auto recyclers across the country, United Recyclers Group, LLC can offer a 48 hour guarantee for picking up vehicles for the insurance industry on a nationwide level. Expediting pickup reduces costs to the insurer. The vehicles are then stored for free which further reduces costs. The URG network of auto recyclers then takes digital images of the total loss and displays them on the URG state of the art salvage auction acquisition website for a weekly sale reaching hundreds of bidders across the country.

United Recyclers Group, LLC has implemented the necessary processes to make this program very cost-effective and convenient for the insurance carrier regardless of their company size. With a minimal fee to the insurance company to handle all of the work from the first call of picking up the vehicle — to the final process of selling the vehicle and processing the title, the URG salvage acquisition program is able to increase the margin of return for the insurance company by minimizing fees to both the seller and the buyer. This results in better salvage returns to the insurer and lower costs to the recycler.

The program is a win-win for the insurance and auto recycling industries by reducing expenses and margins normally associated with the salvage disposition process.

URG has devoted substantial resources to the Premium Salvage™ program. “We have worked for close to a year with several insurance companies developing this exciting new program. We waited until we were certain we had all the processes in place to handle a large volume of salvage vehicles,” says Sharon Galan, URG General Manager. For more information on the Premium Salvage™ program contact United Recyclers Group at 303-367-4391 ext 3.

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