April 2006

Demolition dust control maintained

Adamo Demolition Company performed the demolition of the James M. Davey terminal at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) to make way for improvements at the airport.

The demolition was completed to enable a new north terminal. The goal of the project was to add a total of 26 gates at the new terminal which is set to open in 2008, according to Wayne County Airport Authority, CEO Lester Robinson.

During the demolition, the location of the site, along with the size of the structure, created concerns about dust control. The traditional method of spraying a fire hose to control the dust could not cover a comprehensive enough area to control the minute particles of dust in the air.

Adamo Demolition recognized the DustBoss’s™ technology in dust control as a way to achieve a virtually dust-free work site and used two units in the area at all times, even when the wind chill hit zero, according to Daniel Susalla, superintendent for Adamo.

The DustBoss™ creates a mist of 60-micron sized droplets that are able to blanket and control dust particles in the air. The system conserves more water than a fire hose, preventing oversaturation.

The dust-controlling units were so effective, there were no dust complaints filed and the operators and site superintendents were extremely satisfied with the results. “It’s a great improvement over standing there with a water hose,” says Susalla.

The DustBoss™ is manufactured by Dust Control Technology located in Peoria, Illinois.


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