April 2006

Florida auto salvage yard completes environmental program

Venus, FL— The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recognized the environmental commitment of Ole South Salvage Yard by designating it as a Florida Green Yard. Ole South is the first salvage yard in DEP’s South District to complete the comprehensive program designed to protect Florida’s environment.

“Preventing soil pollution demonstrates environmental leadership by example,” said DEP South District director Jon Iglehart. “Green Yards protect Florida’s drinking water resources while practicing responsible business tactics through their commitment to DEP’s program.”

Ole South Salvage Yard is a 42-acre facility containing more than 4,000 vehicles for salvage and parts. Best management practices are used in the dismantling areas to test, pull and clean categorized parts. Ole South’s commitment toward a cleaner environment is a new way to process salvage vehicles in Florida.

“Running a clean facility begins with properly handling environmentally sensitive materials,” said Butch Thompson, operator of Ole South Auto Salvage Yard. “Using best management practices now is a vital step protecting the environment for our children.”

In an industry known for environmental challenges, the Green Yards program helps automotive recyclers understand and comply with environmental regulations. After attending an educational workshop, facility operators are required to submit a series of six modules documenting compliance. Automotive recyclers that achieve Green Yards designation prevent pollution by demonstrating environmental compliance with more than 35 best management practices ranging from proper container labeling to managing stormwater.


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