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April 2007

Global legislators agree on climate change needs

Parliamentarians from developed and developing countries agreed to an ambitious statement on the need for international agreement on climate change to be in place by 2009.

David Miliband, UK environment secretary, welcomed the agreement reached by global legislators at a key climate change conference in Washington.

“This is a significant statement from politicians not just in countries like the UK and Germany, but from the United States and rapidly developing economies such as China and India. GLOBE’s statement delivers a strong message to the meeting of G8 Heads of State in June and I hope it will help unblock the political logjam.”

Miliband also announced that the UK will host a meeting of key experts and businesspeople which will investigate how a low-carbon society can be achieved. The workshop forms part of a key Japan UK collaboration project on low carbon societies. This workshop will be held in June.

The key design aspects will include:

  • The bulk of energy will be supplied by renewable sources such as wind turbines, bio-fuels and the recycling of organic material.
  • Waste from homes and businesses will be recycled and organic waste will be composted or used to generate energy through biomass.
  • Energy use will be cut by up to 70 percent through the use of traditional and innovative building technologies. Green roofs on buildings could improve insulation, as well as water filtration.
  • Solar powered water taxis or hydrogen fuel-cell buses could be developed as a means of traveling around these new communities.

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