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April 2007

Radioactive non-ferrous metals and recycling  

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced on March 9 that it is seeking input from industry representatives on the safe disposition of approximately 15,300 tons of nickel scrap recovered from uranium enrichment process equipment at the Department’s Oak Ridge, Tennessee and Paducah, Kentucky facilities.

The announcement identifies approximately 9,700 tons of unclassified nickel ingots stored at the DOE site in Paducah and 5,600 tons of classified shredded nickel scrap stored at the former DOE uranium enrichment facility in Oak Ridge.

The Paducah nickel ingots and Oak Ridge shredded nickel are volumetrically contaminated with uranium and trace quantities of technetium, neptunium and plutonium.

Interested parties will be required to demonstrate their ability to obtain all required authorizations, licenses, personnel and equipment to:

  • Declassify the classified nickel scrap.
  • Decontaminate contaminated nickel.
  • Disposition of unclassified and decontaminated nickel into products suitable for use only in controlled government and/or commercial radiological applications.
  • Disposition of all byproducts and residual wastes.

The end use of the nickel would be restricted for controlled reuse in government and/or commercial radiological applications. These restricted uses could include use in commercial nuclear power plants, DOE nuclear facilities and the United States Navy.

The Expression of Interest (EOI) will assist in DOE’s evaluation of restricted uses of its nickel material for controlled radiological applications.

An information meeting in Oak Ridge is scheduled for April 3 for registered participants, while another in Paducah is scheduled for April 5, 2007, which includes a short tour to view the inventory.

The DOE will solicit input through May 8, 2007. For more information on the EOI or on the information meetings, go to

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