April 2008

ATM signage recycling program launched

Companion Systems Design and Manufacturing says it has launched the industry’s first comprehensive recycling program for ATM signage.

According to a news release, the new service will allow financial institutions to recycle all obsolete ATM signage, furthering their own environmental-improvement programs.

All ATM owners are open to take advantage of the new service, regardless of whether their ATM surrounds and enclosures were produced by Companion Systems. As branding surrounding an ATM is updated, ATM owners have an environmentally friendly way to dispose of their outdated signage.

“For the last 10 years, we have been making great strides in reducing the impact of our manufacturing production on the environment,” said John Hansen, Companion Systems’ chief operating officer.” From eliminating harmful elements and reducing emissions to streamlining processes and minimizing waste, we are focused on continually finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment.”

While the initial stages of this new recycling program cover the United States and Canada, Companion Systems is exploring ways to extend the program around the world.