April 2008

New auto shredder begins operations in Alabama

In early 2004, David Hickman of David Motor & Scrap, Inc., decided to take his profitable Biloxi, Mississippi scrap yard to the next level by investing in an automobile shredder.

Hickman acquired the perfect location for his shredder; a piece of property in Mobile, Alabama that was grand-fathered as a scrap yard and it included rail access.

In mid-March of 2008, Hickman flipped the switch on a complete automobile shredding system. It included a downstream system for capturing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Future expansion plans include a second eddy-current separator meant to recover fines from shredder fluff.

The 2,000 h.p. shredder can handle up to 6,000 short tons per month. Hickman has several of his own yards in Mississippi that will provide about 3,000 tons.

The facility boasts a two-scale system that allows trucks to weigh in at the front gate, unload and weigh out at a second scale located at the rear gate. The owner said customers would not have to wait to get in and out over the same set of scales.

Over the past several years, the Mobile area has become a hotbed of industrial growth, presenting many new opportunities to Hickman’s new company, David’s Auto Shredding, Inc.

“It won’t take us nearly as long to put in our second shredder,” Hickman says.