April 2008

Plastinum to produce Thermoplastic

Plastinum Polymer Technologies Corp. announced the commercialization of its first compounds made from recycled mixed post-consumer plastics, Infinymer Sml 31.1 and Infinymer Ssl 31.1.

Plastinum has been developing its Blendymer technology β€” currently the only environmentally-friendly mechanical process to treat mixed-plastic waste in an economically viable way. β€œIt was thought to be impossible, processing incompatible polymers into a usable compound. We believe that the Blendymer technology proves the opposite,” said Jacques Mot, CEO of Plastinum Polymer Technologies Corp.

The Sml 31.1 is formed by a polystyrenic base and the Ssl 31.1 by a polyolefinic base. Both Blendymer compounds have the advantage that their composition and structure mean they can be used in a variety of ways - not only as new electrical and electronic components, but also in products ranging from piping to furniture, from lighting to sports equipment, from luggage to gardening tools.