APRIL 2009

Biodegradable hot cup lid introduced

Eco-Products, a biodegradable and compostable food service company, announced it has developed a compostable hot cup lid. Eco-Products will unveil the first commercially-available compostable hot cup lid in North America this spring, addressing the growing demand from conscious coffee and tea enthusiasts.

Created from Ingeo™ biopolymer from NatureWorks LLC, the product enables restaurants, hotels, and university and corporate campuses to break away from the status quo and provide the first fully renewable hot cup and lid system.

In keeping with the company’s commitment to zero waste, Eco-Products has submitted the lid to Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) for certification. Eco-Products hot cup lid will debut in April 2009. The lid is heat stable up to 220 degrees and is designed to break down and return to the earth within 90-120 days in a commercial compost facility.

Everyday, across North America, millions of single-use disposable hot cups and lids are discarded and destined for the landfill. Traditional hot cup lids and the liner used to coat the paperboard are made from oil, a nonrenewable resource, while Eco-Products’ new hot beverage system is made from plant starch materials.