APRIL 2009

State expands bottle bill to include bottled water

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) reminded beverage distributors that in compliance with new state law they were to file a report by March 15 that detailed the receipt and expenditure of funds resulting from deposits on bottles.

This first-ever financial accounting on bottle deposit funds must show activity from December 1, 2008 through February 28, 2009 in special bank accounts distributors were required to establish for this purpose.

The next scheduled financial report from beverage distributors is required April 30, at which time funds remaining in the special accounts will escheat – or be turned over – to the state of Connecticut’s General Fund for the first time. Funds remaining in these accounts will result from the fact that consumers do not redeem all beverage containers for which they have paid a deposit.

The accounting requirements for beverage distributors were adopted during the November 24 special session of the General Assembly. In January, the legislature approved a measure requiring balances remaining in the special accounts of distributors to be turned over to the state. In February, the legislature expanded the bottle deposit law to include water bottles.

The expansion to water bottles is effective April 1. Distributors of water bottles are also required to establish special bank accounts for deposit funds and will be required to submit their first financial reports April 30. At that point funds remaining in these accounts must also be turned over to the state.