APRIL 2009

Waste Expo offers latest in waste and recycling technology

WasteExpo is the largest event in North America serving the $52 billion solid waste and recycling industry. Waste Expo is scheduled for June 8 through the 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada. The WasteExpo Exhibit Hall will feature 500 exhibitors showcasing the latest equipment and technologies the industry has to offer. With so many suppliers under one roof, WasteExpo is your one-stop shop for gathering information, viewing products up close, and comparing different products and services.

Learn from industry experts at the 40 conference sessions and training workshops at WasteExpo. Topics include:


•E-Waste: New Laws, New Programs

•Food Waste: Compost, Digest, or Other Use?

•Recycling Safety – Collection and Processing

•Glass and Metals Recycling: A Market Outlook

•Where is Paper Going? Recycling and the Future of Paper

•Trends in Plastics Recycling

•C&D Debris – Markets and Obstacles

•Green Management

•LEED: U.S. Green Building Practices

•Measuring and Reducing Your Facility’s Carbon Footprint

•Green Initiatives and Your Company’s Image

•Solid Waste Perspectives on Climate Change

Labor & Employment

•Special Issues for Temporary Workers

•Immigration, Hour and Waste Law Protections: We Guarantee that You are Doing Something Wrong

•Employee Monitoring, Harassment and Retaliation Laws

Green Technology

•Waste Conversion Technologies: Fact or Fiction

•Implementing Zero Waste Initiatives

•Waste-to-Energy Plants: Are They Coming Back?


•Governmental Views on Waste Industry Safety

•Effective Work Observation and Route Hazard Analysis

•Fire Protection Systems: Ensuring Facility and Employee Safety

•Changing Driver Behavior

•Sleep Apnea: Preventing Workplace Accidents

Business & Energy

•Take Charge of Fuel Prices: Effective Risk Management

•Improving Your Operations with Use of Extended Drain Lubricants

•From Crisis to Paradigm Shift: A Visionary Business Approach for the Waste Industry

•Waste Industry Contracts: Practical Advice in Uncertain Times

•Haulers Roundtable: Opportunities for Small Companies

Compliance Issues

•Roadside Inspections

•Proposed Legislation Could Increase Unions


•Facility Floor and Structural Repair Techniques: Saving Time and Money

•Back Office to Front Office, Integrating High Tech Systems with Employees and Customers

Whether you are from the public sector or private, a manufacturer or supplier, WasteExpo brings the entire industry together.